The aims of the Association are as follows :

  • organizing and facilitating scientific research on different aspects of Private International Law with special focus on the European Union trends;
  • promoting and popularizing the principles of Private International Law with regards to the development of democratic and just international relations based on the comity of nations and on the harmony of decisions;
  • stressing the regulatory function of Private International Law for substantive and procedural private international relations;
  • assisting the development of civil society by explaining the theoretical aspects and the practical significance of Private International Law;
  • encouraging active and tolerant social dialogue for deepening the mutual trust between citizens and legal entities from different countries, incl. persons from member-states, from EFTA states or from Switzerland;
  • supporting Republic of Bulgaria towards the accomplishment of acquis communautaire in the area of private relations;
  • maintaining the democratic tendencies in the national politic development and promoting international traditions and values in society;
  • clarifying the multiple spheres of international cooperation in General, as well as with regards to European integration; research of new tendencies in the development of different communities and of European Union;
  • informing society, state authorities abroad, EU institutions as well as international organizations about the achievements of Bulgarian science and practice in the area of Private International Law;
  • informing Bulgarian society and state authorities about the achievements of Bulgarian science and practice in the area of Private International Law;
  • helping the progressive development, improvement and harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with regards to international agreements, other bodies of international law as well as EU law.




The Association will exercise activities in the area of scientific research, education and Private International Law consultancy.

For the achievement of its non-profit aims the Association will:


  • organize and take part in conferences, symposiums, congresses, seminars, competitions, educational, expert and scientific activities as well as in different forms of domestic and international scientific exchange;
  • organize and take part in initiatives on research and support of new legislative and practical trends in Private International Law as well as in discussions on domestic and international legislative reforms;
  • organize and run research, studies, inquiries, consultations and analyses with regards its scope of activity;
  • establish and maintain cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, scientific and research institutes, state authorities and non-governmental organizations;
  • actively cooperate and take part in similar domestic and foreign organizations and scientific bodies;
  • take part in scientific and research as well as expert and consultancy projects in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • participate in other domestic or international programs, which are connected to the Association’s objectives;
  • draft and present to society information materials, opinions, conclusions, expert reports and conceptions on current matters of Private International Law;
  • draft and publish scientific works on Private International Law as well as distribute domestic and foreign PIL literature in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • publish its own issue (bulletin, magazine, yearbook);
  • create and maintain its own internet site.
  • set up and develop Arbitration Court on domestic and international civil and commercial disputes as an independent judiciary body in compliance with Bulgarian legislation in force;
  • organize conciliation proceedings and mediation in the auspices of the Arbitration Court.

The Association will run funds and property in order to attain its objectives as defined in the scope of activity.

In order to attain its main non-profit objectives the Association may:

  • carry out consultancy and expert services, draft analyses, research, action plans and assessment on retainer;
  • organize seminars, educational activities and conferences on retainer;
  • run publishing, promotional, information and distributing services;
  • carry out other lawful activities in order to finance its main scope of activity.

All incomes generated from the above-mentioned activities will be spent only for the main non-business scope of activities of the Association.

The Association shall not distribute profit.